With a goal of achieving both simplicity and functionality, this stool was influenced by the concepts and design 
ideologies of the founding fathers of Scandinavian Design.
Inspired by Hans Wegner's 'Peter's Chair' – designed for easy assembly and flat pack productions, Verner Pantont's geometric, color-blocked 'Vilbert Chair' for Ikea, and John Kandell's primary-colored 'Camilla chair' that has the ability to hang on a wall for storage, the Bauhaus Stool ties each concept together into one seamless design.
As a graphic designer based in New York City, I created this stoll with graphic aesthetic and small spaces in mind. The aim was to construct a functional chair that could double as a simple but striking sculpture when not in use. The stool consists of 3 basic shapes and colors and assembles with no additional joinery or hardware.